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Raw Food Challenge: My Favorite Things



As I look forward to starting The Raw Source App’s 4 week raw food challenge I though I would share with you some of my favorite raw food staples and gadgets that I like.

Raw foods can range from the most simple meals to complicated fancy meals. When I am in a hurry I opt for a simple mono-meal. Just one wonderfully fresh fruit or veggie like a bowl full of watermelon. When I have more time I love a big plate of raw tacos or zoodles with tomato sauce.

When eating raw or partially raw the most important items you need are, of course, fresh organic fruits and vegetables. But there are gadgets and raw food staples that are great to have to make the journey easier.

I keep several pantry items on hand. I can find some locally, but I do buy a lot of items on Amazon.

Raw Cacao is great for adding to smoothies, chia puddings, and making raw desserts.


Raw Cacao Powder, Butter and Nibs

Coconut products can be added to smoothies and is often used in raw desserts and dips.



Coconut Oil, Coconut Cream, Coconut Butter, and Dried Coconut

Raw nuts and seeds are a great items to have on hand. They are used for so many things. Remember to look for raw only. These are best stored in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.


Chia, Sunflower, flax, hemp



Cashews, Almond, Macadamias, walnuts


Nut Butters… Cashew, Almond and Tahini

Raw Sweeteners are nice to have for sauces and desserts.

Honey and Dates

Other helpful staples include:




My most used kitchen gadgets

Spiralizer                                       Food processors                         Vitamix

Juicer                           Spring form pans      Dehydrator              Food rings and press




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