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Raw Food Challenge


I enjoy eating raw foods. My long term goal is to eat about 75% raw. I am probably at about 50% right now. Smoothies and green juices are fairly easy for me to come up with, but sometimes I get stuck on what to eat otherwise. I have participated in several raw and juice challenges on Facebook. I enjoy them because there is so much support in the groups. I also love getting new recipes to play with.

Starting  Monday I will be participating in the Rawsource App’s Raw Food Challenge. It is easy and free to participate. I have followed Robyn for a long time now. She has great recipes and she is super supportive of people doing what feels right to them. No pressure to be 100% raw! They have a Facebook group to get support and ideas from. This Challenge is designed for newbies. It ‘s goal is for everyone participating to eat one raw meal a day. You can do that! Each week for 4 weeks Robyn will send out an email with 5 recipes and a grocery list!  The first week is breakfast, then lunch, dinner and desserts. I will be doing two meals a day. One meal will be the recipe from the challenge and one will be my own recipe.  If you want to join in sign up here. I will be posting some raw recipes here at Kat’s Kitchen to go along with the ones being sent out for the challenge.

I hope you will all come join me for this 4 week raw challenge!

I will be starting by making my raw Vanilla Cashew Cream this weekend!


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